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Sponsor a child's education in day school  

Sponsor a child's education in day school

The difference sponsorship makes to individuals’ lives is immeasurable. In becoming a sponsor you give Tibetan children a chance to learn, create their own future and really live their dreams.

Tibetan children often pay a high price for the chance of an education. For something we all take for granted in the UK, Tibetan parents often make the traumatic and hard decision to send their children on a perilous and sometimes fatal journey across the Himalayas so they can have a good education, be taught in their own language and learn about their culture – something that is not possible inside Tibet. The children arrive in India or Nepal exhausted and homeless; many never see their families again.

By sponsoring a child's education, you give the gift of a far brighter future for these children. Sponsors receive annual reports and letters, so you can follow your sponsored child's schooling and development, and form a personal relationship.

£50 (£4.17 per month) covers a child's education in a local day school for one year.

Our Price: £50.00

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