Nagpo Gujor Tibetan Herbal Amulet


Experience the potent synergy of Himalayan herbs and minerals, carefully blended according to the revered Tibetan healing system. Rooted in the belief that ailments initially manifest energetically before affecting the physical body, the Nagpo Gujor pills hold profound significance. Handcrafted with utmost care and devotion by Tibetan lamas and monks, these pills are infused with the power of prayers and blessings.

 To unlock their full potential, wear the pill in direct contact with your skin. It is essential to refrain from ingesting or exposing the pill to moisture.

While these pills serve as a preventive measure, they are not intended to cure illnesses already present or in the incubation stage. Enhance the efficacy of the pill by reciting the empowering mantra: Om Muni Muni Maha Muni Shakya Muniye Soham. Prepare to embark on a journey of holistic well-being with the Nagpo Gujor pills, inspired by centuries of Tibetan wisdom. 


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