4 Harmonious Friends Prayer Flags


String of 10 flags, each measuring approx. 20cm x 20cm.

Total length: 1.9m

The Four Harmonious Friends

Once there lived four animals in a forest: a bird, a monkey, a rabbit, and an elephant. The four, who drank at the same spring, were as close as brothers. One day they decided to show the greatest deference to the eldest among them. To determine their ages, each one recalled the height of a nearby nyagrodha tree when he had first seen it. 

The Elephant claimed to be the youngest because he had seen the shadow of the tree fell across him, when he was born. The monkey said, that he had seen the tree when it was just as big as him. The rabbit replied that he had eaten from the sprout of the tree when it started growing. Finally, the bird announced that it was the oldest: it had eaten Athens fruit of a nearby tree when the seed passed through its body to plant a new tree. Then the animals placed themselves on top of each other according to their age to show respect. The bird said, "Now we must keep the five basic discipline throughout our lives"

From then on peace pervaded the kingdom where they lived. However, the king thought that it was his wise Dharma rule, which caused the kingdom to prosper. The proud king summoned a great far-seeing adept who said, "The kingdom's prosperity is due to none of your efforts. In the forest live four great beings that keep the five disciplines. Through their efforts, prosperity resulted".

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